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Conservatory roof are supplied and installed by Norfolk Installations.

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Norwich garage conversions also supply and install eco-friendly light and attractive roofing tiles for your conservatory roof.

They are manufactured in the UK, and are combined with a highly efficient insulation system to replace or improve existing roofing structures.

Norwich garage conversions always endeavour to keep our prices low, but never at the expense of quality or service.

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Its a well known fact that conservatories are freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer, there’s only a couple of months a year when you can enjoy your conservatory. This is due to the fact that many existing conservatory roofs are made using glass or polycarbonate sheets, these materials have virtually no thermal properties.


The solid warm conservatory roofs conversion has been intelligently designed to solve all of the common problems conservatory owners face. Norwich garage conversions do this by using a multi-layered insulation system.

Norwich garage conversions system uses a 19 layer multi foil insulation which has excellent thermal value as it deflects the hot and cold temperatures away from the conservatory.

The Insulate warm conservatory roof system’s structure is robust and designed to stand the test of time.

The structure has been developed to put minimum stress on the existing conservatory frames, we do this by employing a system which transfers load back to the house structure where the foundations will be stronger.

The Insulate tiled conservatory roof uses a timber structural system because unlike aluminium it do not conduct hot or cold meaning that there is no risk of condensation inside the conservatory roof.

The Insulate roof system is fully ventilated beneath the tiles making it 100% condensation free.

Norfolk Installations can help if your conservatory gets too hot in summer, too cold in winter, has a leaking roof, or just needs to look great. An insulated tiled conservatory roof can be a cheap option for increasing the year-round living space in your home.


Our PROFESSIONAL warm garage roof solution can be used to replace conservatory glass with insulated decorative ceilings that still have additional insulation and our tiles above.

The end result is a room that has an extremely heat efficient roof and can look very attractive from the inside too.

The professional roofreplace system is our most popular product.

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