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If you are considering a garage conversion because you want to use your space more effectively, Norwich garage conversions from the team at Norfolk Installations, has the experience to create that ideal solution. By creating additional living space with the addition of a garage conversion it will potentially increase the value of your house and provide improved quality of life for you and your family to your Norwich Norfolk home.

Many garages within a property, are too small to accommodate a modern vehicle  and become simply an area for storage, of often unwanted items. This garage space can however be transformed into a beautiful and practical room within your home.

garage conversions

Norwich garage conversions from Norfolk Installations, we are specialists in garage conversions because it is here that we can see the hidden potential that this space has and how it could be converted from a cold and under-utilised garage into a warm and habitable room,

A standard single garage is approximately 150 sq ft. which is too small to fit a family car. However that’s a lot of potential extra living space for you to convert into an integral part of your house. For those with a double garage the perfect solution may lie in a ‘part conversion’, where typically the front or rear of the garage is retained to house the lawnmower or your bicycle whilst the rest of the garage is converted into a habitable room.

Garage conversions can be a very cost-effective way to provide the additional space that you require. By converting your garage, you could actually add extra value to your home – the value of your conversion will rise in tandem with the price of your home. Obviously, in very uncertain financial times, it’s vital to add value to your home wherever possible. Also, if your garage is attached to your house, you can expect to ‘brighten up’ your home, using glazed doors for access and letting more light into the adjoining room.

The possibilities for your new garage conversions room are endless, but whatever you want to use the extra space for Norfolk Installations can help you plan and build your garage conversion into:

  • bedroom with or without en-suite facilities.
  •  playroom.
  •  home office or study.
  •  kitchen
  •  Bathroom
  •  dining room.
  •  home cinema.

When deciding on your new garage conversions room, the roof is another consideration. Norfolk Installations Garage conversions Norwich, can supply and install EPDM rubber roofing or eco tiled roofing.